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From ideas
to reality

There are no boundaries for software and creativity. Our creations are based on experience, expertise and modern methodologies. Combined with the big picture in mind and following a holistic approach, integration and inclusiveness are guaranteed.


We follow simple and true agility by delivering small pieces fast in an iterative manner.
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We accept requirements immediately at any stage

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We work closely with the customer and individuals
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We deliver continuously working software

Latest technologies

Use any technology, no matter what it is, we help you to get the most out  of it.


Run critical application with a minimal possible attack vector


Decouple applications from your infrastructure and get the true cloud native computing power

Cloud Native

Use new cloud technology tools to bring cloud experience to your application


Build, package and ship your application as container and benefit from this immense tech development

API driven

API first is a true power to unfold a new experience and boost your IT to new dimensions

Cloud networking

There are no boundaries for nested software-based networks to build any stack you can imagine


Imagine providing information via a web UI, an API endpoint and message service just for transparency.


In our vison users should get information about any transaction or action they take generally.


User actions and user transactions are observed and analyzed to improve UX and increase transparency for different roles and share metadata with other systems.


In our vision every user, role or system should be able to query the availability of a service before usage or query historical availability and even future downtimes.


In our vision capabilities should be transparent to different roles and enriched with business and process metadata.


Introducing new building blocks or components into existing systems or when building new systems requires good planning, execution and time. We support you by connecting technical systems, processes and creating a conveyance layer for your business logic.


Communication and control plane leverage API calls to connect objects. We expand the capabilities by custom API definitions.


Using data from multiple sources and objects can provide value to the business. A conveyance layer provides a standard way how data is obtained, distributed and consumed.


Any software can be crafted to fit a given architecture and system. With our expertise we provide custom open-source software builds or wrap proprietary software according to the requirements.


Most important when integration topics are handled is the compliance and integrity of existing security levels to not weaken the system.


We help you to gain deep control of the full stack, may it be a platform stack or a solution stack. Multiple different technologies are stacked, integrated and connected. We support you in creating holistic, logical and functional view and a control plane to operate, maintain and configure the system.


Speed and flexibility are most important factors for enterprises to achieve competitive advantage. We extend the capability of organizational IT departments by delivering expertise with consulting services, solutions with software deliverables as well agile software development.
Early Adopter
Introduce latest high-tech development into your organization
Make changes to your project or product anytime
Reach goal on schedule and reduce risk to minimize possibility of failure


In a software driven world is automation a key factor as it is the foundation for next generation software stacks. We speak automation and understand the various requirements towards this. We consider them all and see an increase in efficiency and value by combining different methods. With our audit instance and intelligent configuration loop we can incorporate manual configuration into the automated chain implicitly and rollback configuration changes or step through.