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Our Services

We offer selected and specific high-tech services and products to level up your business.

IT Architecture

We provide expertise at multiple IT architectural subjects and guide global as well mid-range organizations.

Software Architecture

State of the art technology and best practices

Solution Architecture

Functionality set based on requirements engineering and reference architecture compliance

Enterprise Architecture

In alignment with your organizational business and strategy

IT Infrastructure Architecture

Creating the next generation IT assets and integrating with brownfield IT landscape


We provide research services on request.
  • Fluid research –inclusive, flexible, customizable and user-centric IT, architecture, software and UX
  • Software Defined Security – end-to-end configuration, enforcement and auditing

  • Bleeding edge technology – cognitive hardware and software

  • Container 4.0 and unikernels – enabling new secure, enriched and more powerful container technology

  • Data storage 4.0 – TTL, accessible, adaptable, inclusive, distributable


Our consulting services support projects and activities around cloud computing, container technology and software development.

Software Development

Our software development service creates custom applications for your enterprise. We focus on software architecture to ensure security, performance, modification and maintainability next to the functional business logic.

Software Products

We are building our own product family to address current gaps in the market, enhance existing solutions add value and provide software evolution by rethinking the way things are done.


(coming soon)
A distributed security center


(coming soon)
A distributed content trust



Learn how to plan and execute your IT landscape to support your digital business transformation.

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Learn how to architecture and deploy modern technology stacks.

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Learn how to operate and monitor new software stacks.

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  • Introduction to container technology

  • Introduction to cloud technology

  • Container technology for service providers

  • Considerations for managers already using
    or before introducing container technology

  • Container technology for software

  • Cloud and container technology networking

  • Cloud and container technology security

  • Introduction to software driven platforms

  • Introduction to API driven stacks

  • New architecture thinking and patterns