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Securing modern technology stacks does require modern security approaches. New security solutions need to be placed next to classic security systems. We help you to build a security cascade.


Cloud, hybrid cloud and multi cloud, we help you to leverage distributed computing and connectivity to enable new and support traditional workloads as well.

Software Defined Networking (SDN)

The foundation of cloud and cloud native applications requires network layers to be configurable and able to learn and propagate changes. We build solutions for all network layers, from underlay to overlay and even nested overlay networks up to the API and service mesh layers.

SaaS Solution

  • Scalability and flexibility
  • Serverless, container or microservices

  • DevOps and agile methods

Cloud native

The cloud-native approach is becoming used more at non-cloud environments as the tools and methods have proved their benefit and potential to dictate the IT landscape in the next years.

Data security

Applications in cloud like environments require special measurements and awareness to ensure data security across the stack and track data access and data flow.


Containers are the modern way to ship and run software as microservices on container platform runtimes on-premises, cloud or any IT device.